Radios Not Repairable

 Updated 05/13/2018


Walkie Talkies or Handhelds are not being repaired


TS440S Dot problem, only most other problems can be fixed

TS600 Parts

TS700 Parts

TS520/530/820/830 Parts

TS-930 Weight

TS-940 Weight

TS-950 Weight

TS2000 There seems to be some confusion in some people think I do not work on the TS-2000 series.

The only ones I can't repair are those with a serial number starting with a number AND that have no

power out on HF-6m and 2m. The problem is the drivers and suitable replacements are not available.

TL922 Weight & Parts

I'm a Senior citizen and the weight is just getting to much to handle.