AVVid Service Policy

    Radios are worked on in the order received. Once received they are logged in and placed on the repair rack. They are not looked at prior to their turn (I don't cherry pick). When their turn comes up they are moved to the bench and repaired unless parts need to be ordered or the repair is too expensive (see below). If parts need to be ordered they are set aside until parts arrive. Once parts arrive they are installed and the repair finished. After the repair is finished an invoice is filled out and e-mailed to the owner. If no e-mail has been provided a phone call will be made.

Service for Kenwood Amateur Radio products ONLY .

  1. Turnaround varies, call or e-mail for the current workload.

  1. Some radios are not repairable due to the value of the unit and/or estimated cost of repairs, if so then you will be advised prior to shipping that it may not be advisable to repair the radio.

  1. If repairs are going to exceed 1/2 the estimated value of the radio or $250 (not including shipping) then you will be called prior to repairing the unit.

    In no case will an estimate of repair costs be given without seeing the radio.

  2. An estimate is $37.50. In some cases an estimate cannot be made without some repairs being made. If this is the case the customer will be advised as to an approximate charge before continuing. If the unit is repaired the estimate charge is included in the final bill. If the unit is not repaired the estimate charge applies.

AVVid Warranty

Unless otherwise noted all repaired units carry a 30 day warranty. This warranty covers the repairs we made and the parts we installed. It does not cover the entire radio