Ship to


322 VZ County Rd 2714

Mabank, TX. 75147



Due to problems with damage to the larger radios caused by improper packing we

will not accept for repair any TS-930, TS-940, TS-950 or TL-922 that is not in the original factory

boxes complete with the foam inserts.

 Fedex is the preferred method of shipping

Radios will be returned via Fedex

When shipping a radio for repair we only need the radio and a note detailing the problem.

We do not need manuals, power cords, or microphones.

If you feel the microphone or power cord may be part of the problem call first and we will advise on any extras needed.


Rule of Thumb: If you don't feel comfortable dropping it 4 foot, pack it better.

Always insure the radio for the replacement cost or current value if a discontinued model..

 All radios are returned in the box they were received in. If the packaging is inadequate or damaged new boxes may be required.